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FBI and SCMPD work together on violent crimes


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police have asked for outside help before when there is a large number of violent crimes, whether it was the GBI, FBI, or other agencies.  

Some of it has to do with numbers and vacancies in the department, but sometimes it is simply about collaborating to make sure nothing is missed.

It is very common for the FBI to work with SCMPD, especially when it involves violent crimes. There are several SCMPD officers who are federally deputized, who work in the FBI's office and do a great job of linking the two organizations.
The FBI will not respond to every crime or every shooting, however if it is a violent crime they may be called into help.

It is up to SCMPD whether the FBI will be called in and in what capacity.

However, the FBI is constantly working proactive cases dealing with gangs or drug activity so when there is a shooting, like the double homicide last Saturday, the FBI may have information that can help break a case.

They may notice that the crime is tied to a bigger case they are working on. The FBI and SCMPD have a collaborative relationship.

"It is not something from the 80's where the FBI comes rolling in to a crime scene and takes over. We are not here to take over, we are not there to direct it, we are there to offer any help we can. If there is anything we have that we can leverage to help the police department we will do that. If they need manpower we can do that, if it is something technical that we have that maybe they do not, then we will do that," said Gene Kowel, Supervisory Agent of the FBI.

FBI is in constant contact with SCMPD to make sure that no connection is missed.

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