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Man arrested for trafficking meth on Tybee Island

Edward Losey, (Source: CNT). Edward Losey, (Source: CNT).

Tybee Island police and Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team arrested a man for trafficking methamphetamine on the island Monday.

It was the 33rd time 58-year-old Edward Losey has been booked. Many WTOC viewers were asking, how is he still on the streets?

Although he has been booked 33 times, not all have been for drug charges and many of those bookings are misdemeanors. It’s also important to note that just because he was booked does not mean there was a guilty verdict.

"We still make our fair share of drug arrests out on Tybee Island,” said Gene Harley, CNT.

CNT and Tybee police have dealt with Losey before, so when a tip came in about possible drug activity they jumped on it.

"There is nothing to suggest that there was any form of manufacturing or meth being cooked,” said Harley.

That is the good news. The not so good news is that Losey is no stranger to crime, 33 bookings going back to the early 1990's. Anything from bad checks, to theft, to simple drug possession.

“In this specific case this gentleman had a clause in his condition, in which when a person has been released from prison it allows law enforcement to search him or his property a lot easier and without a search warrant," said Harley. 

Agent Harley said the relationship with the District Attorney's office is critical in cases like this to make sure a close eye is kept on repeat offenders.

"It is that working relationship between us and the District Attorney's office that allows investigations to be sped up,” said Harley. "In terms of the sentencing process. Making sure we are ok with the sentencing. In cases like this when we intact provisions that would allow us, should we come into contact with this person again, it allows us to investigate things more quickly and thoroughly."

“I would wager that most of his charges are misdemeanors so even if he served every one of them he would be done already. None of our judges are afraid to sentence someone adequately. We have a higher than average sentencing level when you look at our county compared to the other 158,” said Defense Attorney Doug Andrews, of Andrews and Sanders Law Offices.  

CNT and Tybee police urge people to stay vigilant for any suspicious activity.

"We at CNT have seen, in no way, a spike in the amount of drugs on the island,” Harley.

Losey was on probation for a prior drug conviction in 2014 when this arrest was made.

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