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Man fights alligator to rescue his dog


A Garden City man went to extraordinary lengths to save his four-legged friend from the jaws of an alligator.

The rescue happened early Monday morning at the Salt Creek Boat Ramp just off Ogeechee Road.

"Well, I usually come here and take the dogs, and play ball with them,” said David Quarterman, rescued dog from alligator. "They come down here, and all of the sudden my dog was yelling. And I come running down here.”

Quarterman said he didn't even think twice, he ran to rescue his 6-year-old lab, Sheba.

"When I ran in there to see if I could save the dog, that alligator come back up, it was like a Hollywood movie! His mouth was wide open and my dog was in his mouth, her legs in the air, and he had her right in the torso,” said Quarterman.

Seeing the gator’s grasp on Sheba, he did what he could to get her loose.

"Hit the alligator in the eye, and it went back under with the dog, but then the dog come back up. So, evidentially he let the dog go,” said Quarterman.

That's right, punched the alligator in the eye to get his dog free.

"When I came down there, and did what I did, it was only by the grace of God that I got my dog back,” said Quarterman. "The dogs are like children to me, so I think most people would, you know. You don't think, you just react on pure adrenaline. That's basically what I did."

Quarterman says the nine to 10 foot gator is still in the water somewhere, and that's why he's sharing his story. He wants to make sure something like that doesn't happen to anyone else’s loved one.

"I was afraid if it were a little child, or if it were a small dog, it would've been gone,” said Quarterman. 

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