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Georgia Power hoping to pass savings to customers as fuel costs fall


Who wouldn't like some extra cash? Georgia Power customers could see some in a few months.

The company filed a request with the Georgia Public Service Commission to reduce fuel rates, because of a reduction in the price of natural gas that Georgia Power uses.

For the average customer who uses an average of 1000 kilowatt-hours a month, you can expect to save $4 off your monthly bill.

"Four dollars is four dollars, anything is good. If they're passing on savings, that's great for Georgia Power," said one Georgia Power customer.

Gregory Taylor, also a Georgia Power customer, said, "I think it's fantastic that they're actually looking at opportunities to be able to pass along savings to consumers in the area. I wish there was a lot more they could do, but it's a great step in the right direction."

If Georgia Power's filing with the Public Service Commission is approved, you could see that $4 savings as early as the first of next year.

Georgia Power uses a mix of fuels to produce electricity for you the consumer state-wide, including natural gas. And part of the cost of that fuel is included in your bill.

Stan Sparks, Georgia Power Sales Manager for the Coastal Region, said, "Natural gas production is up, prices are down. And because of the investment that we've made in gas generation, we're able to now take advantage of this and pass the savings on to our customers."

By law, they're required to. Georgia Power does not earn a profit on the company's fuel costs.
The filing will go to the Georgia Public Service Commission for approval, which will likely happen on or around Dec. 15th.

Sparks added, "The PSC ultimately decides. Generally they see these sort of filings as good for the state, good for consumers. And we are very hopeful that it will be approved, then we'll be able to pass these savings on to customers very quickly."

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