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Police assisted by cameras throughout Old Town Bluffton


Police in Bluffton have arrested five people and solved eight criminal cases, ranging from assault and battery to burglary, with the help of the town’s new surveillance cameras that are set up throughout Old Town Bluffton.

The cameras give police eyes on the street when criminals think no one is watching, and that’s how they’ve been able to crack those eight cases wide open.

“When something happens, the cameras are there to go back to say, ‘Oh, this is what happened,’” said Carla Augusta, gas station employee.

Augusta is one of the many people thankful for the police department’s new surveillance system. She was working at the Nickel Pumpers Store when a man broke into the store’s office and stole its safe.  

“They can see from one point to the other point, and if he was here, and he went that way, then you can follow,” said Augusta.

And that’s exactly what police did, with the cameras, they were able to link the suspect who burglarized the Nickel Pumpers Store to two other burglaries.

“None of our cameras are actually on businesses. They’re all out in the public right of ways but we were able to, on all those businesses, put his vehicle, actually leaving and pulling out the parking lot the exact time frame the alarms went off,” said Sgt. James Carmany, Bluffton PD.

Sgt. Carmany said several other crimes were caught on camera.

“One assault and battery was caught on video using a baseball bat and actually smashing out the back window of a car going after each other. We were able to solve that and make arrests on that,” said Sgt. Carmany.

He said if it weren’t for the video evidence, some of these cases would not have been solved.

“There’s a couple leaving the scenes of accidents where motor vehicles were involved in an accident and actually fled the scene. One of those we actually made an arrest on. Another one is still pending but we were able to capture the vehicle information and stuff,” said Sgt. Carmany.

There are 22 cameras installed right now, and plans to install dozens more throughout the entire town of Bluffton. The department said it’s not going to cost taxpayers anything. The surveillance system is funded by the local tourist tax.

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