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Speak Out: Beer on the Beach?


Beer on the Beach?

No beer on the beach? Let's call an official time out on that one. 

Tybee officials are considering a ban on alcohol on the beach, a reaction to the statistic that 75 percent of their arrests are alcohol related.

Among the experts called to advise them is Beaufort County Sherriff PJ Tanner whose Hilton Head beaches prohibit adult beverages.

Local wags suspect that one of the principle targets of the law is Orange Crush, an annual gathering of college students which has troubled Tybee for over a decade. 

But before we rush back into prohibition let's consider some other factors and some alternatives. 

The biggest difference in the Carolina comparison is that Hilton Head enjoys global marketing, which has produced a tourist mecca inhabited by 40,000 permanent residents who support a wide array of entertainment options for visitors.

By contrast most of the tourist dollars headed for Tybee are headed for the beach, not the golf or the five-star resorts. 

The WTOC Editorial Board thinks Tybee would be better served by designating several alcohol free zones and then concentrate a higher police presence and visibility in the areas where drinking is allowed. 

Let's not let a few bad apples ruin it for everybody. 

What do you think?

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