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Spike in home security system sales


One business that is really booming in Savannah now: home security systems.

With several burglaries and a recent violent home invasion on the minds of many, police are encouraging people to be proactive.

Both commercial and home robberies are up this year, leading to a boom in the sale of security systems. Companies talked to WTOC and said these systems are much more affordable than 10, even five years ago, and they can save you a lot of trouble, even your life.

ADS, a popular home security system company, has been very busy lately.

"So, Savannah branch sold more burglar alarms than any other branch in 2014,” said the General Manager of ADS of Savannah, Chris Karle.

In 2015, things have not changed. In fact, they have much higher numbers this year than last.

"This year we have seen the same kind of tick upward. We have sold more as every month goes along,” said Karle. "You can view what is going on inside the house. You can record that and play it back, if need be. Really, the phone has become the user interface for everything we use. It is great."

As crime continues to be in the headlines, security systems will continue to see a spike. Violent and non-violent robberies are up in both home and commercial businesses.

"We had one with a real prominent retailer in Savannah earlier this month that was a victim and money was taken and we were able to help that person not only find out who did it but also get the money back,” said Karle.

These systems that were once very expensive, are now available for almost anyone.

"It is really affordable to get your basic panel and key pad and maybe a couple of door locks and maybe a couple of contacts and motion detectors. That is really affordable these days,” said Karle.

They are also becoming easier to use.

"You can arm and disarm your system from the phone, you can turn lights off and on,” said Karle.

It is a trend the company expects to continue, and police said it’s never a bad idea to get one.

"You are not waiting until after you have been burglarized or violated to get that system. Be proactive not reactive,” said Karle.

A basic system is only a couple hundred dollars to get put in and then as low as $30 a month to operate. Companies say it is very easy to expand onto a system as time goes on.

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