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Businesses react to historic district drive-by shooting


What many are focused on in the community is the location of Friday afternoon’s drive-by shooting on Oglethorpe Avenue and Bull Street.

For months now, many of those who promote the city’s tourist industry have feared a single act of violence in the heart of the tourist district could torpedo the decades of work that have created this multi-billion dollar "golden egg".

You don't get closer to tourists than Wright Square on a Friday afternoon.

"We are right in the heart of the historic district. This just doesn't happen,” said Christine Forbes, manager of Gallery Espresso.

Gallery Espresso on Bull Street was fairly empty for a Friday evening. But everyone the manager has seen Friday has been talking about the shooting.

"And I think that for a little while people are going to be a little hesitant to sit outside in the middle of the historic district, because who knows what's going to happen,” said Forbes.

WTOC spoke with some other business owners off-camera who are equally concerned. The management at Collins Quarter, however, did not want to comment.

"I was in the north side of Chippewa Square, and I had passengers in my cab, and we heard the gun shots,” said Jeff Brochu, pedicab driver.

The pedicab driver said Savannah has survived crime like this in the past, tourists will still come.

But he's worried locals are becoming jaded.

"I didn't see or sense anything out of the norm. There were gun shots and then there was police. But I didn't see any violence, I didn't see any excitement, I didn't see a car speeding away or people running away. I didn't see anyone that cared, it was almost like this is a day-to-day event, and I don't like that reaction to it,” said Brochu.

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