Hinesville Displays Yellow Ribbons for the Troops

Families are showing their support.
Families are showing their support.
Residents turned out to see this ribbon unveiled.
Residents turned out to see this ribbon unveiled.

With most of the Third ID in Iraq, people in Hinesville are making sure we don't forget them. Yesterday, they unveiled a symbol of gratitude for soldiers serving overseas. You've yellow ribbons before. But these will soon be seen all over Hinesville.

It's giving families of deployed soldiers a feeling of comfort until they come home. The deployment of the Third ID is hitting the Hinesville community pretty hard.

"It's been hard, we're trying not to think about it," said Megan Clark, whose husband is deployed.

Now, there's a reminder the soldiers serving overseas are fighting for our freedoms and still have families back home who need some support.

"It shows that everybody is supporting all of our husbands," said Clark.

The yellow ribbons are especially comforting for the children, many of whom have least one parent serving a half a world away. "I wanted my son to be apart of it, to see how good the community is supporting the soldiers," said military spouse Melinda Bason.

"Supporting our troops means we want them home," Sam Rogers, whose father is deployed.

And ceremonies like this lift the spirits of soldiers stationed overseas. "Anything the community can do to support the troops I think is great, anything to boost their morale over there," said Pfc. Treka Smith, whose husband is deployed.

"Every time that I've gotten to talk to him, we let him know the different things that have been going on for him," Bason told us. "It always lifts his spirits a little more."

Giving the families a ribbon of hope their soldiers will return home soon.

The City of Hinesville is asking all residents and businesses to place yellow ribbons on their homes and stores to show their support until the troops come home.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti, mruberti@wtoc.com