Bluffton Mayor's 'Youth Community Service Award Program' kicks off Wednesday

Bluffton mayor's youth community service award program kicks off Wednesday.

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka implemented her Youth Community Service Award Program Wednesday morning at Bluffton High School.

The program, open to rising sophomores and juniors in public and private school, is designed to encourage and recognize the contributions students make to the community.

"What they will get out of it is to learn how to be a good, productive citizen. Not only here in Bluffton, but in society by volunteering," said Sharon Brown, principal and program assistant.

"We're just taking it to the next step. We're bringing the nonprofits to these students and really giving them the ability to see what's out there, the need that's out there," said Mayor Sulka.

Mayor Sulka is planning to hold an annual awards ceremony in the spring to honor the students contributing 50 or more volunteer hours.

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