Tybee City Council, residents meet to discuss litter

Tybee City Council, residents meet to discuss litter

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Tybee Island City Council and resident met Wednesday night to come up with a few ways to keep our local beach clean.

The top five litter items include cigarette butts, plastic bottles, bags, and Styrofoam and plastic cups. People piled up all of that litter and brought it to Wednesday's meeting to add extra impact, and show the importance of making sure trash gets in the can.

"This workshop is designed to get people talking about specific trash types, generating ideas and putting that together into a broader, anti-litter campaign for Tybee. That may be a couple years long, but it'll make some progress," said organizer Tim Arnold, Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers.

This year, Tybee Island Police have even been told to issue littering tickets with a zero tolerance policy. All to try to reduce the amount of loose trash left on the beaches.

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