Residents React to Cuyler-Brownsville Fire

With two city blocks evacuated, dozens of Cuyler-Brownsville residents watched in horror as the fire quickly spread. It really was a scary situation for them. With windy conditions today, many in the neighborhood stood behind the caution tape terrified the fire would spread to their homes.

All they could do was watch and wait. "There's nothing much I can do but pray, I guess," said neighbor Chakise Adams. "I just hope my house doesn't burn down."

Adams lives right across the street from the three houses that caught on fire. When she saw the fire trucks coming, she grabbed her two sons and rushed outside, worried the fire may spread to her house, joining the dozens of others who shared the same fear.

Maurice Young, who called 911, told us, "It did spread, the house right next to us caught on fire."

Young also had to help his 89-year-old mother out of the house. "I saw smoke coming out of the attic and I saw real dark smoke, looked like electrical smoke."

As firefighters battled to control the blaze, residents watched the clouds of smoke moving toward their houses.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the fire. The Red Cross is assisting those displaced by the fire.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,