Savannah State hosting campus 'Night Out'

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Many folks are gathering at Savannah State University for a campus "Night Out".

An initiative to help find solutions to crime and bridge the gap between students and local resources.

The event was all started by one of the campus police officers who said they are facing similar problems to what we see in the city of Savannah, there's a level of distrust for law enforcement.

This is the second year SSU has hosted a "Night Out" and officials believe that it may take several years to transform the attitude and perception in the community.

"It has to be a constant engagement. We have to talk this stuff out. The more we talk, the better things are. But one thing about talking, you can talk all day, but once you talk, you've still got to be able to produce the results after you speak," said SSU campus police officer Saladean Mullgrave.

Last year he started campus "Night Out", bringing in local officials and agencies including District Attorney Meg Heap in hopes to bridge that gap.

"It's good to know who has your back around campus," said Christopher Potts, SSU student.

It's been a little over a month since a student at a Savannah State was shot and killed, and students tell WTOC campus hasn't been the same.

"Not only did it hit us emotionally, it hit us in a way as if we really can't go out on campus," said Potts.

And while some say the demeanor has changed on campus, how do you reverse it? Perhaps host a campus "Night Out", but very few folks showed interest in Thursday's event. Students said they support the initiative but they ultimately just want to see it in action.

"I want to walk around my campus and see campus security. I want to walk in and you know they see me and know I'm a student and ask for my ID. Let it be known that you're actually making step forwards," said Potts.

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