Savannah City Council to consider roadside memorial guidelines

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The city of Savannah is looking to adopt a policy that sets guidelines for roadside memorials, while keeping public safety in mind.

The proposal calls for an application process for anyone wanting to place a memorial along any public right-of-way, and that the memorial be removed after 90 days. Several city council members, including the mayor, said it's a policy that can't be adopted without gathering public feedback.

"The policy that we've written really addresses the safety concerns that are associated with this, and the most important thing, is it gives the bereaved or the family of the deceased an opportunity to have some kind of memorial, something to hold onto," said Director Susan Broker, Citizen Office.

The policy will be put into place sometime next year, following a field review of existing memorials and further consideration by city council members.

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