Speak Out: Tipping point in Savannah crime

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Tipping Point in Savannah Crime

Talking to a gentleman on Hilton Head the other day and discussing the condition of the roads that connect Savannah and the Lowcountry, and we asked him if he ever drives to Savannah.

He said, "yeah, a lot. But not at night".

He might need to reconsider his afternoon trips too, following the broad daylight shooting at Bull and Oglethorpe, the center of the Historic District where innocent tourists and locals go to church, drink a cup of coffee or learn more about the Girl Scouts.

Yes, the newest crime scene on Savannah's radar is the intersection that has Independent Presbyterian Church, the Board of Education, the Girl Scout Headquarters and Collins Quarter, a café bar.

If you were waiting on Savannah to get to a tipping point in our crime problem, wait no more.

We've arrived.

And please realize that the reputation that we're earning with our flying bullets and blood in the street will ruin the economy that it's taken us decades to build.  It's been a quarter century since the Jivens gang terrorized the community; almost a decade since a young girl leaving a party was killed in Orleans square.

But here we are again, fighting a crime problem that threatens every aspect of our economy and the lives of every citizen and tourist, at least while we still have tourists.

There's good news though. It's an election year and we can shake things up if we need to. Make sure at every candidate forum you demand to see a plan from those seeking your vote. Not platitudes or promises, we've got those, let's see a bonafide plan to get crime off of our streets.

Or we'll get leadership who can.

What do you think?

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