3rd Infantry Division Mass-Reenlistment on Fort Stewart

3rd Infantry Division Mass-Reenlistment on Fort Stewart

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - More than 90 soldiers reenlisted during a 3rd Infantry Division Mass-Reenlistment at the Marne Garden on Fort Stewart Thursday.

The combined terms equal 320 years of additional service.

"My son was just born about four months ago and I want to make sure I can provide for him. Also my soldiers, to support my soldiers. I love being a soldier and I love taking care of soldiers," said Sgt. Anthony Nino, fifth enlistment.

Wednesday, WTOC had the opportunity to catch up with a married couple marking their third reenlistment together.

"Today is the day I joined the Army. So we're going indefinite, which means there's no more reenlistments for us. We're making a decision to go as long as possible to stay in the Army," said Ssg. Joseph Franklin, 3rd ID.

"We do everything together. We deploy together. We work together. We go to the field together, so he understands my day on a day to day basis because he's right there going through it with me," said Ssg. Queshawnia Franklin, 3rd ID.

For fiscal-year 2015, the 3rd ID was the only division within the U.S. Forces Command to meet the Army's retention goal for the first quarter.

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