Asked and Answered: Yellow abatement signs in Windsor Forest

Asked and Answered: Yellow abatement signs in Windsor Forest

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ever see a sign on a neighbor's home, and wonder, hmmm?

Neighbors in Windsor Forest are getting that feeling after some signs have started popping up on some pretty nice homes in their neighborhood. WTOC's Don Logana found out it's not just Windsor Forest.

When you walk around the city of Savannah, whether it's Downtown, Eastside, or on the Southside, you may notice things which make you a little curious. A sign which seems out of place. That's happening in Windsor Forest and WTOC viewer Brandon Wigley sent in one of those questions in this WTOC viewer video.

"Hi Don! Brandon Wigley from Windsor Forest here. I would like to know why these signs are popping up all over houses in the Windsor Forest area. Any idea what they mean? In almost all instances the houses are vacant, some very nice homes too, like the one behind me. Thanks! You're the best," said Wigley.

The city of Savannah tells me these signs, placed on vacant private property, mean the owner has been placed on legal notice to abate (correct) property maintenance code violations. The placards let people know the conditions have been addressed by code enforcement.

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