South Carolina prepares for potential flooding

South Carolina prepares for potential flooding

South Carolina - South Carolina is in a state of emergency Friday, after Governor Nikki Haley declared the potential emergency threat Thursday night because of flooding.

The Director of Beaufort County's Emergency Management tells WTOC that they've been tracking the system that is keeping Hurricane Joaquin off the coast.

Most of the flooding we have seen is not from Hurricane Joaquin but the other system.

Emergency officials say that's why they've been preparing the roadways as best as they possibly can.

"We have prepositioned, and are prepositioning barricades, and signs at the known spots. Such as the McGarby Zone Ramp, at the intersection of 170 and 278. So that when the road floods, and we know it will, we can go ahead and have the barricades and signs quickly out," said Lt. Colonel Neil Baxley, Beaufort County Emergency Management Director

South Carolina is expecting record rainfall starting Friday, and lasting, at least, through the weekend.

"We're looking at severe rainfall, 10-12 inches, possibly. That aggravated with the high tides we've been experiencing for the past week, the unusual high tides, could put an awful lot of water in places," Baxley said.

And if you do find yourself approaching a flooded area, while you're driving Baxley says your best bet is to turn around, because it only takes a foot of water to flood a vehicle and float it off the ground.

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