Record rainfall expected on Hilton Head Island

Record rainfall expected on Hilton Head Island

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Estimates say the Lowcountry could see anywhere between three to seven inches of rain in a matter of 24 hours.

Earlier Friday, WTOC's Anna Kuskin spoke with officials in Beaufort County who say the rainfall, combined with high tides and rip currents could make for some very dangerous conditions this weekend.

A yellow flag flies on Hilton Head Island beaches as a precaution to the handful of people who are on the beach.

"We have had some higher tide conditions, which have brought the water up along the dune line closer than we've had in the past," said Shore Beach Services General Manager Alan Reece.

Reece says he usually sees higher tides this time of year, but this year, the tides are exceptional.

"We have seen a little bit of a surge in the water height, associated with the storm, which has kept the higher tides that were scheduled two weeks ago, it's kept them here with us," said Reece.

Still, he said every year, Shore Beach Services remains fully staffed on the island through mid to late October. That's about 20 lifeguards covering 13 miles of beaches.

But as record rainfall is expected to reach our area, officials are advising everyone to steer clear of the beach.

"There will be high tide. There will be rough surf, they're looking at surf five to seven feet, tomorrow especially. An elevated risk of rip currents, there shouldn't be anyone in the water this weekend," said Lt. Cl. Neil Baxley, Beaufort County Emergency Management director.

Lt. Cl. Baxley said that while Hurricane Joaquin isn't likely to reach the area, there are still several dangers and risks as the hazardous conditions combine.

"We're looking at severe rainfall, 10 to 12 inches, possibly. That aggravated with the high tides we've been experiencing for the past week, the unusual high tides, could put an awful lot of water in places," said Lt. Cl. Baxley.

In South Carolina, the rain is expected to start Friday and last through the weekend, if not longer.

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