Savannah Fire feels prepared for similar emergency situations

Savannah Fire feels prepared for similar emergency situations

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - In Savannah and most of Coastal Georgia, we did not see anywhere close to the amount of rainfall some expected.

That is the good news.

However, its moments like these that remind everyone to be prepared. The devastation in areas of South Carolina like Columbia and Charleston has people thinking in Chatham County, "What would we do if we faced something like that?"

Savannah Fire Department says they are ready.

"Savannah Fire does have a large number of small boats to get into the areas like that. We also have the heavy marine vessels in the river," said Savannah Emergency Management Director Dan Stowers.

Savannah Fire says they have more than enough equipment to perform water rescues, evacuate people from their homes. In fact, it is something they have had to do in the past.

"It is something Savannah has done multiple times. Back in June of 1999, we had 11 and half inches of rain in 12 hours. There were water rescues especially on the Southside near the Savannah Mall and Middleground. We had several apartment complexes where firefighters had to go in and rescue people," said Stowers.

The city, CEMA, GEMA, and a number of agencies work together throughout the year to make sure the emergency plan is in place and ready to go.

At this point, Savannah Fire has no plans to send any personnel or equipment up to South Carolina.

All of that help will come from their state emergency services, just like if it happened here, we would get help from GEMA and CEMA.

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