Active shooter training at Screven County High

Active shooter training at Screven County High School

SCREVEN CO., GA (WTOC) - Law officers swarmed a Screven County High School Monday, with no students in sight.

They're taking advantage of some school holidays to prepared for the kind of tragedy we see all too often around the nation.

Police officers and sheriff's deputies filled the hallway as they worked on the mechanics of searching and entering rooms in search of a shooter. It's a possibility no community can ignore.

"There are no more areas where this can't happen. It can happen in a small city as well as a big city. To serve the public, we have to be ready for it," said Clint Williams, Sylvania Police.

Being ready means everybody having the same plan, the same moves, and the same hand signals. If something happened here, agencies would be working together with no time to put a plan together then.

They're training together so they can play from the same playbook. When something like this really happens, it's too late," said Williams.

They also call it a bonus to train in the current school versus an old building.

"This allows us to see the actual classrooms, the broom closets, and all the places that somebody trying to do harm would come and hide," said Williams.

They'll train for the worst, and hope it never comes.

Twenty-five officers from Screven County Sheriff's Office, Sylvania Police and Metter Police will take part in the two-day training.

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