Flooding closes roads on John's Island, SC

Flooding closes roads on John's Island

South Carolina - The John's Island Community is one of many places dealing with flooding.

The rain led to the closing of the main road.

Residents say this is the third time they have seen this happen in recent month, and just last week they were hit with a tornado.

WTOC are told these roads have the potential to be closed for days, or at least until conditions improve.

Area schools are closed Monday.

"It is definitely inconvenient for the schooling so I am hoping they close down the schools for a couple more days. Because for us instead of being able to take him to school this way we have to go all the way around the town. Basically have to do a full town round about to get on the other bridge. We are hoping schools stay closed," said Ryan Levesque and Adam Epstein, John's Island residents.

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