Neighborhoods under water in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WTOC) - From Columbia to Charleston, flooding is running rampant in South Carolina Monday evening.

Communities across the Palmetto State are working to stay afloat with many homes, businesses, and roads under water now.

Cane Bay and the thousands who live in the subdivision truly have a long road ahead of them. Because the flooding here is not impacted by tides or cresting rivers, this flooding will be with them for days, even weeks.

What were five and ten acre retention ponds are now 50, 100 acre lakes.

The problem for one end of the neighborhood became very clear, very quickly. The retention pond just across the street is completely filled up. There's no more room for any more water, and the drain for the neighborhood is somewhere under the water, and the water is going nowhere.

"Definitely made me worry about not having flood insurance because you shouldn't have it out here but obviously it's been rough," said Zach Kelley, homeowner.

With school a washout for the day, what was a near disaster here quickly became a playground, more of a fascination for some.  But even for the very youngest, the concern is evident.

"I just thought that the water would come into the house and flood it and damage things," said Amari Fuhriman.

And a silver lining in Cane Bay. When the troubles get deep, the neighbors get rolling.

"I had happened to walk down the street to my friend Jennifer's house, I said Mitch is getting ready to go to the store.  And she said do you think he could get something for us. And it just so happened I sent him a message and said hey, you know other people need some stuff too," said Brittnay McDougal, homeowner.

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