Family Just Moving in to House Destroyed by Fire

The house was demolished after yesterday's fire.
The house was demolished after yesterday's fire.

One family didn't even get a chance to spend one night in their new home. The McKenzie family was in the process of moving their possession into their new home on 39th Street in Savannah, but just as Mr. McKenzie was making his last run yesterday, he found his home in flames. Now their dream home is reduced to a pile of rubble.

"It just so happens my husband was on the last load of things to move into the house," said Sylvette McKenzie.

Sylvette still couldn't believe her eyes last night. Moving day for her family came to a shocking halt, when her husband spotted flames shooting from their new home.

Sylvette couldn't believe it when he told her. "I'm like, 'You're playing.' He said, 'No. The wind is blowing and it's getting worse."

All their possessions were gone, up in smoke. "Everything. Our furniture, clothes, TV, stereos. It's in that pile now."

Their new home is now reduced to rubble. The McKenzies had nowhere to go, but Sylvette counted her blessings anyway. "I thank God that we were not in there, that the children were not in there."

Sylvette says the family will move on, because the family's most important possessions are still with them. "We've still got life, health, strength, so I thank God."

The Red Cross helped the family out, giving them a place to stay for the night. But Sylvette's not sure where they'll go after that.

The city marshal says they will begin removing the rubble by today.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,