VA clinic townhall meeting held in Statesboro

VA clinic townhall meeting held in Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Veterans across the country raised concerns last year about the quality of their health care and the access to it.

Leaders from the VA Medical Center in Augusta came to Statesboro Wednesday to see what local veterans need from the center and medical clinic in Statesboro.

Many of the veterans at the healthcare town hall meeting said their biggest complaint isn't about the actual care they receive. They had plenty of questions about ways to reach the VA Medical Center in Augusta. The automated phone system and website all too often led them to give up in frustration.

"The website has all these drop down menus and stuff. For old guys like me, we're not computer savvy," said Craig McGlone, veteran.

Staff members answered questions for nearly an hour with information on how to better contact their doctors and get medical test results. They talked about a secured system called my health vet.

Administrators said they're always looking for ways to make the communication more user friendly.

"Sometimes it can be difficult. Which is why it was important for us to bring our staff here to help veterans navigate through the system," said Director Marie Andrews.

Vets also wondered when the local VA clinic in Statesboro would get a second doctor. Andrews said it's all based on numbers and the more veterans who use it, the more staff they can add.

When asked how helpful Wednesday's meeting was, many responded positively.

"Very helpful. They had a good group here and they're willing to take feedback and give feedback so we better know what to do," said Earl Anderson, veteran.

"To have a face to a name and a point of contact helps greatly, yes sir," said McGlone.

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