Diplomatic Security Training Center's future in question

Diplomatic Security Training Center's future in question

BRUNSWICK, GA (WTOC) - For more than 20 years now, the State Department has been trying to secure a location for a new Diplomatic Security Training Center.

A place to enhance the skills of the nation's foreign affairs community. A similar training center in Brunswick made the short list but the feds settled on a location at Fort Pickett in Virginia.

Or did they?

Wednesday, WTOC's David Klugh spoke with Georgia Senator David Perdue who chairs the subcommittee on State Department oversight.

He says the Virginia choice was premature and it's led to costly delays in that $400-million project.

And perhaps another chance for the Brunswick location. But which site really serves the State Department's needs best?

"Well David, I think that's one of the unanswered questions and it's one that we will pursue in these hearings this week. Is there are subjective things. For example, proximity to Washington, D.C. for State Department personnel even though almost half of the people in State Department don't reside in D.C. And then there's co-training with the Marine Corps. Where is it best for them to co-train with state department personnel," said Sen. Perdue.

Those hearings Senator Perdue referenced are happening this week as the senate tries to understand why the State Department has wasted so much time and money on what should have been a very straight forward process of finding a site for a training center.

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