New bus company makes progress

MV Transportation continues to make improvements after taking over First Student Bus Company this summer.
Since school start started in August, officials say they have implemented a tracking system on the buses that produces real time data of where each bus is at all times.
The school system has started an ethics hotline where employees can report any type of violations that may happen within the bus company, and they continue to work out the kinks in the automated call systems that alerts parents when their child is on a late bus.
"Because often times you'll see the call come through after you've come to the bus stop, so we are still working on it. It's in place so as we continue to refine and enhance that, that's one of the areas that we are currently working on,” said Chief of Facilities Management and Support Services Vanessa Miller-Kaigler.
At the beginning of the year, MV tranportation had to bring in a lot of temporary drivers while they were still hiring but they are now at full staff with 408 bus drivers.

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