Chiropractic care making healthier babies

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - When most of us think about patients at a chiropractor, we probably imagine someone who has chronic back pain or has been injured.

WTOC's Dawn Baker was surprised to see that pregnant women, newborn babies and children were filling Bright Life Chiropractic's waiting room.

For the majority of these patients, they have been under the care of a chiropractor for years.

Luke Howell was born 11-weeks premature and couldn't breast feed.

"After a few adjustments, he was able to latch the breast properly and that was the goal when he came in," said Dr. Samantha Brown, owner of Bright Life Chiropractic.

Dr. Samantha Brown and her husband, Dr. Jared Brown, say checking newborns is extremely important because there is no way of knowing if babies are in pain since they can't tell us.

"Even in the gentlest birth, anywhere from 60 to 90 pounds pressure are placed against a newborn's spine they are unable to resist. 95 percent of babies are actually born with their atlas bones out of alignment. That's the top bone in the neck. It plays the most important role in the body because it is closest to the brain, an extension of the brain stem. It sits on that bone. So any time the atlas bone is out of alignment, it's putting pressure on the spinal cord in the brain stem. When I check babies, I touch down the spine to see if there are any areas of pressure or bones out of alignment," explained Dr. Samantha Brown.

Bright Life Chiropractic specializes in pregnancy. They adjust mothers to promote healthy pain-free pregnancies.

"It makes sure that the pelvis is moving properly to expand and progress throughout the pregnancy, labor and delivery to make sure the pregnancy is moving and the baby can come out gently and effectively. Chiropractic has been shown to decrease labor times and pains by 60 percent, and women who are just throughout their pregnancies," said Dr. Samantha Brown.

"We really strive to educate our community about health, not only about health, but also about empowering those organizations who really truly can use our help," added Dr. Jared Brown, owner of Bright Life Chiropractic.

One of those organizations is The Living Vine, a Christian maternity home. The more than 3,000 diapers the practice and its patients are donating will go a long way toward helping the residents of the Living Vine.

"This equips our young ladies for their future. Our young ladies are working a 40-hour program so we are quite incentive-based. Working our program, they can earn things for their baby. So you can imagine it makes them feel good about themselves to leave our facility equipped for the future because you know diapers are very expensive," said Director of Development at The Living Vine, Paula Kinard.

Donating these diapers makes the entire staff very proud.

"God put us here to make a change that's why we want to involve our practice members in giving back," said Dr. Jared Brown.

Bright Life Chiropractic is always helping some community organization. Right now, it's accepting canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  You can help by dropping off donations at their office located at right off Chatham Parkway at 2 Park of Commerce Blvd or joining in their Cowboy Carnival next Saturday, Oct. 17th.

To learn more about the family festival, go to Bright Life Chiropractic's website here.

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