Hometown Hero: Millie Douglas

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - It's easy for Millie Douglas to remember where she was 10 years ago, when she was watching the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and coming to a monumental personal decision.

"I didn't know anything about the Red Cross at the time," said Douglas. "And I said 'I'm going to volunteer so if this ever happens again, I'll be there I'll be there to help those people.'"

Douglas has helped thousands of disaster victims ever since, celebrating her 10th anniversary as a Red Cross volunteer last month, and still cherishing the cause that drew her to serve a decade ago.

"It's meeting the client, talking to them and helping them," said Douglas. "It's finding them assistance and just comfort."

Coming to Douglas is often the first step to relief.

She handles the case work for the Red Cross and points people in the direction of whatever they need and whatever the Red Cross can offer.

"We always ask them, what is your recovery plan and they don't know what their recovery plan is at that time," she said. "You want to know do you have insurance, do you have family, and do you have a place to stay, what do they need?"

For 10 years now, for many who have faced an emergency in the Coastal Empire, the recovery plan has been to go see Millie Douglas, the Red Cross volunteer and WTOC Hometown Hero, who still feels the rewards of a job she's done so often for so many.

"I love helping people," said Douglas. "Anytime, anywhere, they come here and we're going to help them."

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