Asked and Answered: Antenna signs in downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You may notice some changes coming to how downtown Savannah is lit, but it's what those street lamps are hiding which has residents downtown asking all kinds of questions.

When you think of an antenna, what do you think of? I think of a car antenna.

Others may think of something a little bit bigger. Here at WTOC we may think of our station antenna, and downtown Savannah residents are seeing signs which are making them really concerned.

"Hey Don. I woke up to have a sign in front of my house the other day telling me they are putting up antennas. What kind of antennas are they putting up in the historic district? Thanks man," asked Chad Brock, Savannah.

These antennas are actually owned by Verizon, and are part of a larger project to replace light fixtures with new light fixtures in 26 locations around downtown Savannah with a concealed antenna inside.

The lights will look like historic ornamental lighting. The antennas will improve cell service, especially during major events likes St. Patrick's Day.

Verizon will pay the city for the space and cell towers will provide more service, but the antennas still must go through the Metropolitan Planning Board approval process for each location, like on York and Houston before going to council. Even though the plan was approved earlier this year by the city.

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