Special school lunch menu slang causes controversy


A special lunch menu causing some upset stomachs over at the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, not literally.

It's all about the nicknames given to some foods as part of next week's special “Take Your Parents to Lunch Day”.

Some parents, say the words were hard to swallow.

Parents, your child is taking you to lunch at school and on the menu: turnt turkey pot pie, a chicken sammie on fleek, tweet the Greek salad, bae's baked sweet potato, watch me whip waldorf salad, and #NoFilter fresh orange wedges.

Amusing play on words and young culture, or just inappropriate? 

Catherine Clark and her father Tommy Eaton both messaged me earlier this week, not amused at all. Catherine writes, “This was sent home with my first grader! Check out the "menu." Utterly disturbing this is coming from the people we entrust with our children's education.”

She says it's the words, which you can look up online for various meanings, and not the food which has her seeing red. 

Well, I called the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, and good bye turnt turkey pot pie. The controversial “Take Your Parent to School Day” menu item is off the school district-wide menu after the controversy boiled over.

“That particular day was the only day we gave cute names and we used social media jargon to give cute names. We have 180 schools days and that was one day we tried to cutesy up the names a little bit,” said Lydia Martin, director of nutrition.  

Not cute to some other parents either, who also took offense to nicknames given to menu items given for the “Take Your Parent to Lunch Day”, which is part of the districts National School Lunch week.  

Martin, tells WTOC the theme of the day, “School Lunch Snapshot” was meant to use social media lingo to give the lunches a fun feeling and highlight positive changes in school lunches.

Well not everyone was feeling it, so the school district made a change.

“Unfortunately one of the names we used had different meanings we were not aware of. Someone took offense to it and we removed it from all published menus,” said Martin.

National School Lunch Week starts Monday, but turnt turkey pot pie will not be on the menu.

However it is still on any menu which went home with students too late for the change.   

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