Shabazz comments on gun accusations

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - 5th District Commissioner Yusuf Shabazz spoke for the first time since a woman accused him of threatening her with a gun.

Shaundra McKeithen, who is running against Estella Shabazz for Savannah City Council, filed a police report about the incident last week.

In the report, McKeithen claims Yusuf blocked the door as she was leaving last week's debate and opened his coat to show a gun.

But on Friday, Yusuf says that is not possible.

"Under no circumstances would I ever consider bringing a firearm, a gun into any public building. I don't own a gun, I don have a license for a gun. I did not have one on October 1. Miss McKeithen alleges that I blocked the door, threatened her, those allegations are 100 percent false," said Yusuf Shabazz.

He said this is just an attempt to smear his character.

"And whenever you receive allegations like this, it devastates you. It was devastating to me, because I don't own a weapon. I don't even have a permit for a weapon," said Shabazz.

But Friday night, Shaundra McKeithen told WTOC she has no reason to defame Yusuf Shabazz.

"I've always respected him and his wife. I understand with his criminal record, he may not be able to legally carry a weapon, however I know what I saw that night, and it was a gun," said McKeithen.

She is also questioning why it took eight days for him to defend himself.

But according to Shabazz, after he heard the claim, he called the county attorney's office.

"To ask how I could handle this when someone is smearing my character, making accusations that are totally untrue. But they advised me that I shouldn't say anything at that time," said Shabazz.

He also says several people were with him that night to back-up his defense.

But according to McKeithen, witnesses are not cooperating with the police investigation and she thinks it's because they're being intimidated, too.
[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]
[endif]"The Shabazzes have been bullies and intimidators in this community. And it's shameful that that's how they have to gain support," said McKeithen.

McKeithen says she has hired private security because she does not feel safe.

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