20th anniversary of Traveling Preschool Bus

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - The Beaufort County School District celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Traveling Preschool Bus with the debut of a new bus.

The Traveling Preschool Bus is a collaborative project supported by federal funds and Together for Beaufort.

The idea is to provide mobile early childhood learning centers and parent education services in underserved rural areas.

"We go out to different neighborhoods in the community, where children between the ages of birth to five can come on the bus, get an opportunity to see what an early childhood classroom looks like. And we also have the opportunity to talk with parents about connecting them with the resources, pre-school programs, and different educational opportunities," said Early Childhood Education coordinator Ashley Hutchison.

The program also provides parents with knowledge of early childhood development and good parenting practices, including early detection of developmental delays and health issues.

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