Motorcycle crashes claim riders, Georgia pushes for driver awareness

Crashes with motorcycles often end with same results, regardless of who's at fault. On Saturday, police reported a wreck between a motorcycle and a CAT bus in the 11000 block of Abercorn Street. Savannah Chatham Metro police have not released the rider's name or a medical condition. Thursday night on the Bull River Bridge, Susan Bartoletti's Moped veered into oncoming traffic, according to Savannah Chatham Metro police. The crash killed her and injured her passenger.  On Friday, 32 year old Ian Nicholson died in this crash with a delivery truck in Levy, South Carolina. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the truck ran and stop sign. Harris Blackwood, executive director of the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, told WTOC the agency is trying to spread a message that motorcycle safety also depends on the surrounding drivers.

"We're trying to educate motorists to be on the look out for motorcycles. A lot of people in cars, because they've got some distraction, don't see motorcycles, don't yield the right of way, don't give them the space they need. And a lot of time, a crash results," he noted.

Blackwood said the number of motorcycle deaths in Georgia hasn't risen this year, despite a jump in the number of highway deaths overall. 

He said another challenge comes from riders who aren't fully licensed, but they opt for renewing a learner's license to avoid classes they don't think they need.

"Anybody can drive straight ahead at 50 miles per hour on a motorcycle. It's when you come into contact with curves and sharp turns is when you come into problems," he explained.