Man dies after being hit by car on Hwy 21

Man dies after being hit by car on highway 21.

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - An elderly man who was hit by a car in Garden City late Sunday night has died.

Garden City police say a man in his 70s was trying to cross the road near Minus Avenue when a white van hit him. Police are still investigating but say the man was wearing dark clothes and was not crossing at a crosswalk.

Garden City police say this stretch of Highway 21 has been a problem in the past where people cross the road in an unsafe way.

"Over the years, we have had a few pedestrian related accidents especially in this one spot here,"
said Sgt. Benji Selph.

Garden City police say it's a problem they try to address because at night this stretch of Hwy 21, from Minus Avenue to Brampton, is a hot spot for folks darting across the road.

"We have had situations where we have taken night shifts and just sat out here and ticketed multiple people for the violations of this. It is a dangerous thing they are doing," said Sgt. Selph

At this point the driver in this case is not facing any charges but the investigation is still open.

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