Fire safety demonstrations held at Savannah State

Fire safety demonstrations held at Savannah State

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Students, faculty and staff at Savannah State University learning a pretty important lesson Tuesday outside of the classroom.

Participants were given the opportunity to physically put out a fire during a mock dorm room burn.

Hendrix Fire Protection and Emergency Management student Johnny Black, taught everyone the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

The mock burn featured typical college student items to show just how quickly it can go up in flames.

"The biggest part is, every dorm has a fire extinguisher in it on every floor. Every apartment on campus has a fire extinguisher in the apartment. So the goal is for students to actually know how to use them, along with faculty, staff, and alumni. It's homecoming week so anyone that's on campus that wants to try it, we want them to have the physical experience of putting out a fire," said Health and Environmental Safety Superintendent Kellie Fletcher.

The demonstration was facilitated by Hendrix Fire Protection, the Physical Plant Department, Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Major Volunteers.

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