NATO C-17 lands at Hunter Army Airfield

NATO C-17 lands at Hunter Army Airfield

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A C-17 operating under NATO landed at Hunter Army Airfield Tuesday afternoon and is set to take equipment to Europe.

The Hungarian-flagged aircraft along with its international crew is moving 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team equipment.

The mission displays the Airfield's power projection capability and is also a testament to the international cooperation to support Operation Atlantic Resolve along with other regional missions.

"When we get a mission like this, we're just tasked to bring what they need. They show up to the aircraft with the cargo, we check the cargo. It's in order, it's airlift worthy. We load it, we tie it down," said NLD Loadmaster SFC Chris Van Pol.

"This is our max capacity. Right now, we can fit 18 pallet positions. Right now, there's about 100,000 pounds of cargo on board and it'll take about 215,000 pounds of fuel to get us over to Europe," said U.S. Air Force pilot Capt. Mike Hank.

And just in case you're wondering, the max take-off weight is 585,000 pounds.

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