Brighton Builders begins construction on tiny home for flood victims

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Folks in Bluffton are still working to help those in flood stricken areas throughout South Carolina, but instead of tradition water and paper good donations, one business is partnering with the Town of Bluffton to give flood victims a place to live.

Brighton Builders will build homes on a small lot on May River Road in Old Town Bluffton and then transport them to the families when they're done.

These homes will be small, about 200 to 260 square feet but they will have all the essentials most basic homes have, like a full bathroom and kitchen.

Brighton Builders estimates the homes will sleep four to six people. Organizers have raised almost $2,000 for the project. Brighton Builders has never built one of these small homes but the owner says they are excited to take on the challenge.

"This is a new project for us. We're excited about it, we've investigated it and done our due diligence and researched it. Now our goal is to take what we do in the custom market and put a custom product in a smaller square footage and provide it to a family in need. They can live in them permanently, but if they choose not to, they could live in it 4, 5, 6, 7 months to a year, but our goal is to also donate it to another family in need when they're done," said Ben Kennedy, owner of Brighton Builders.

The builders say it'll take about a month to complete one home. They hope to get enough donations to build more than two houses.

You can help fund the tiny home project for flood victims, visit the Bluffton Cares website here.

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