Mayor Presents Savannah Flag to Chatham Artillery

As more and more of our local men and women prepare to leave for the Middle East, one group will literally be taking a little piece of home with them.

At a city council meeting torday, Mayor Otis Johnson presented members of the 48th Brigade--or more specifically the Chatham Artillery Unit, which dates back to 1786--with an official City of Savannah flag to take with them. The 118th Battalion is made up mostly of men and women from the Savannah area, and they say they will fly the flag during their mission.

"We're planning on flying the flag, so once we get in country and set up, we will put up the American flag and this flag and our flag side by side," said Capt. Jimmy Boan.

Hundreds of members of the 48th Brigade will be leaving for the Middle East in May. They have pledged to bring the flag back to Savannah with them when they return home.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,