Police Recover Stolen Property

Savannah-Chatham police discovered a gold mine this morning when they raided a house on the city's west side. They found computers, television sets, clothing, all sorts of things. They also told us this was just a scratch in the surface of recovering stolen items.

Pictured here is what police found as they raided the house on West 33rd Street filled with all sorts of stolen property. Nearby neighbors watched in amazement.

"I'm standing here looking at all this stuff that they're bringing, this is ridiculous," said neighbor Tonya Priester.

Dozens of items police hope to return to their rightful owners were lined up on the sidewalk.

"One lady was here and recognized her grandson's bicycle," said Priester.

"We are just sick and tired of all the car break-ins and burglaries in the whole surrounding area," Chief Dan Flynn of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department said.

Police say drug addicts would come and bring the stolen goods to the house and go right next door and pick up their drugs.

"When they steal property, they then want to use that money for their drugs, they have to do it somewhere," said Chief Flynn.

Just two weeks ago, police arrested four people, right next door, for trafficking crack cocaine. It's a neighborhood bust by the Police Community Response Team, that is one of many more to come.

"This is just not going to be today," said Priester. "This is going to be an ongoing thing and it helps because we're two females living alone with two children and it's scary to know that two doors down is a house storing stolen merchandise and it's good police are present in this neighborhood and I'm glad."

"I think they're either tired of being victims or tired of knowing the victims as they see things happen like this," said investigator Sgt. Corey Schaff. "Hopefully they'll become more comfortable with seeing the right thing done."

If you've been a victim of theft and have the serial numbers to the items that were stolen, contact the Property Crimes Division of SCMPD at 651.6723.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com