Marines celebrating Parris Island centennial

Marines celebrating Parris Island centennial

PARRIS ISLAND (WTOC) - Marines at Parris Island are celebrating the depot's 100 year anniversary.

Parris Island began training recruits in November of 1915, and have produced more than one million Marines since then.

According to some, not much has changed in the last century.

"We add different to the training, but I look today, and a Marine today being trained at Parris Island is just as capable as I was when I graduated in August of 1969," said James Moore, retired Marine.

"The Marines that were made 100 years ago are really no different than that kind of Marines that are made today. Strong sense of community, very patriotic, and they want to do something that gives back to their country," said Parris Island Chief of Operations and Training Neal Pugliese.

During the celebration, nearly 600 Marines graduated from boot camp. The depot also unveiled new exhibits at the museum that allow people to explore the last century of Marine making at Parris Island, and how it and Beaufort County have grown since 1915.

"At one time, the Marines outnumbered Beaufort County here. Of course that's not the case today, but you're not going to find better partners than Beaufort County when paired up with the Marine Corps," said Pugliese.

Former Parris Island Staff Sgt. James Moore says Marines trained at Parris Island since 1915 have been instrumental to protecting the country and it's important for civilians and armed forces members to acknowledge this historical anniversary.

"All of this goes to make America, what America is because it is defending freedom to the highest. So, we enjoy the freedoms that we have because of what is done here at Parris Island," said Moore.

As for the next 100 years, Parris Island officials say they will continue making upstanding Marines that Beaufort County, and the country, will be proud of.

The celebration will wrap up Saturday with a golf tournament at Parris Island.

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