Pumpkin patches dealing with pumpkin shortage

Pumpkin patches dealing with pumpkin problem.

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - A local farm is trying to deliver on its promised pumpkin patch, but this year is a challenge.

Madrac Farms Pumpkin Patch in Rincon has its tractor rides and hay slides, but what it almost doesn't have is pumpkins.

"It's just been scrounging up what we can with distributors," said Melissa Reagan, Madrac Farms.

Reagan found out about a month ago that there was going to be a pumpkin shortage due to a wet summer. But she adapts, much like her own grown UGA genetically mastered orange gourd: The Orange Bulldawg.

"It's more disease resistant, not that many fungi and things like that can affect it, so it's meant to grown in our humid climate, is what kills other pumpkins," said Reagan.

But even with the Orange Bulldawg, Melissa still ships in pumpkins because her special supply usually never meets demand.

And right now, they've had to limit what visitors can take, which sometimes doesn't go over well.

"A few patrons upset because they couldn't purchase the little pumpkins, and we have so many field trips throughout October that we reserve those for the children. That's what we're here for, the kids, that's why we started this for our kids and we want them to have a good time," said Reagan.

But others just want to revisit a special time growing up.

"Back in Texas they have big corn maze and they do the pumpkin patch, and I used to that as a kid, and I wanted to have that experience with my kids too," said Stephanie Carroll, from Midway.

Reagan says she's staying positive in a pitiful produce production.

"We hope we can get enough to last us through rest of the season. Hopefully one more big order," said Reagan.

For more information and the operating schedule for Madrac Farms, click here.

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