Student Government, Alumni Association Support SSU President

Savannah State alumni and the student government are speaking out today in support of Dr. Carlton Brown and against the call for him to step down as school president.

As we told you yesterday, some alumni are calling for his resignation. Some say for the last several years, Savannah State University's athletic teams have been struggling, and he's to blame.

Today, the SSU student government and the president of the alumni association held a news conference. Dr. Brown was not there, but issued a statement saying he would not dignify their actions with a response except to say, "We have accomplished much during the last seven and a half years and there is still much to do."

Students say they, too, are happy with the way things are. "The students here today support the university, support the athletic program, the administration, and we definitely support Dr. Carlton E. Brown," said student governemtn president Sheena Travis Bell.

The national alumni association says it does not support yesterday's news conference. Yesterday's protestors say they will take their call for Dr. Brown's resignation to the board of regents next week.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,