Speak Out Editorial- 10/22

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - We all have the RIGHT to vote, but we have a greater RESPONSIBILITY to know WHO we're voting FOR and WHY.

And as we approach the most important municipal election Savannah has had in a generation, WTOC will help you make your decision. For the two weeks leading up to Election Day 2015, we will be providing candidate profiles in our morning, evening and nighttime news shows.

We will take you inside every local race and introduce you to every candidate for mayor and city council, letting them explain where they stand on the issues, especially the increased crime that is threatening our city.

And if you want more information, every candidate's full interview will be available on wtoc.com. We will do the same for the Bluffton mayoral election.

For the last municipal election in 2011, only 17 percent of Savannah's registered voters went to the polls. That means only a small segment of the city's collective voice was heard.

This year's election is too critical to our city and our city's future to let the choices be made by so few. We would like to encourage everyone to participate in the process this time, either by voting early at the Voter Registration Main Office on Eisenhower Drive, or at your local polling center on Nov. 3.

If runoff elections are necessary, they will be held on Dec. 1.

WTOC wants you to know all of your options this Election Day because we believe an uninformed voter is an ineffective voter.

What do you think?

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