District 2 Alderman race: How to address crime, parking?

District 2 Alderman race: How to address crime, parking?

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - If you live in Savannah, have you decided which Alderman candidate you're voting for?

Folks who live in District 2 have a big choice to make. Four people are in the running, including Bill Durrence, Detric Leggett, incumbent Mary Osborne and Andree Patterson.

First and foremost, it's the question that everyone wants answered. What are you going to do about crime? Since the city has limited resources, what city services would sacrifice to boost funding for law enforcement?

"I don't know that we'll have to sacrifice any but we would review and prioritize so that we can do what we need because public safety is our first priority," said incumbent Mary Osborne.

"All resources are finite certainly, but we have money. One of the things that we do to find that revenue is stop wasteful spending, stop blowing some of the money we are blowing on studies that never get looked at," said Bill Durrence.

"I think maybe if we pull a little from everywhere, it wouldn't be hurting one particular department so much. Obviously there's a lot that can be done about crime," said Andree Patterson.

"But we have to sit down with multiple services to find out where we can cut the fat, because police services is warranted and it's something that we need most of all," said Detric Leggett.

And whether or not you live downtown, it's no secret that finding a place to park continues to be a challenge. Is there a solution?

"The city is doing a parking study now and I'm anxious to see what they come up with on this because one of the things we are going to have to come up with how to reduce the cars in the downtown area. We can do that with satellite parking garages and a much better shuttle system than what we have now. Other residents and I talk about having a shuttle system that works for us so I can just walk out, step on a shuttle and get to the other side of town without having to get in my car," said Bill Durrence.

"Well we put our trolleys back in place. Right now we are thinking about the trolleys from Wheaten Street all the way to Victory Drive.  Think about it, putting a trolley back in place, that will alleviate a lot of traffic and people can stay home and use the trolley system downtown," said Detric Leggett.

"We have several garages around town and I think that maybe freeing up some free space parking on Broughton Street, creating more parking garages if necessary. The other thing too is where you can park someplace else and get a ride to downtown," said Mary Osborne.

"Removing the fees to park would be a big deal. I would like to see that. I don't think we should be paying to park downtown. We have to look at what we have, where we could put more parking," said Andree Patterson.  

These candidates also had to answer to flooding, blight and downtown development. But who gave the best answer? Make your choice at the polls on Nov. 3.

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