Fort Stewart 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade provides assistance in South Carolina

Fort Stewart 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade provides assistance in South Carolina

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - South Carolina is still recovering from record rainfall, but help has been pouring in from all over the country…including from here.

The 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade water purification team is now back from Fort Jackson. An emergency mission demanded the soldiers respond after Columbia was hit by flooding.

"We basically helped the whole community," said Larry Andrade. "it was pretty good, it felt like it was good."

Making a difference here at home. Within less than 24 hours the 3rd ID sustainment brigade assembled a team involving multiple companies to tend to those in need. The mission was unexpected but these soldiers dropped everything to go on October 9th.

"The plans they had they canceled or set aside and they prepared to go take care of others," Captain Nicholos Pittmon said. "That's what I admire most about them."

As these soldiers arrived home today at Fort Stewart, it started to sink in how much it meant to them to be a part of a mission so significant. Over 100 soldier's made the trip, and for many it was personal because they were returning to the place where their career started.

"I actually went to basic training there so me giving out the water to the basic trainees and getting them hot food and stuff made me feel real good because that could have been me three and a half years ago," said Jamie Black.

The water built relationships, allowed for many people to go back to their jobs, and it even cleaned dirty clothes. We asked how many loads they did.

"Total we did about 3,000 loads the total time we had been there, so that is a lot," said Tanesha Friday.

These soldiers did more than provide clean clothes, they provided comfort during a disaster, and they are taking away an unwavering sense of pride.

The soldiers credit their training at Fort Stewart for their ability to act quickly and efficiently.

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