Progress made on tiny home for South Carolina flood victims

Progress made on tiny home for South Carolina flood victims.

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - A project to help families who lost their homes during the historic South Carolina flooding is making a lot of progress. 

Project leaders from Brighton Builders say volunteers and construction workers have worked just about every day over the past two weeks to get the tiny home finished on time. So far, the tiny home has its frame and electrical wiring.

The town and Brighton Builders say the project is going well so far and they're hoping to have it completed by the third or fourth week of November.

"Everything has gone really well. When you're taking on whole new project like this, there's always going to be some minor challenges but things have been easy enough to fix," said Susan Gunyou, Brighton Builders.

The town is still trying to raise money to start building a second home, if you're interested in donating visit the Bluffton Cares website here.

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