Flooding closed Fort Pulaski, Hwy. 80 for most of Tuesday morning

Flooding closed Fort Pulaski, Hwy. 80 for most of Tuesday morning

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The water has receded after an unusually high tide caused heavy flooding all across the region Tuesday morning.

U.S. Highway 80 was shut down, keeping a lot of folks from coming and going to Tybee Island.

The Fort Pulaski National Monument was even closed for a few hours Tuesday morning, because no one could get there to open up.

A lot of folks were disappointed because even when Hwy. 80 reopened, Fort Pulaski was still closed. Crews tell WTOC they had to make sure everything in and around the fort was not damaged.

Many people could not get over what the area looked like along Hwy. 80. There was so much debris, some described it as looking like the aftermath of a hurricane.

Even Ft. Pulaski officials were shocked because they rarely have to close.

"This is a very unusual event, maybe once or twice a year when we get extreme high tides. This is the highest one we've had even since the blood moon we had a month ago, this is higher," said Ft. Pulaski biological science technician Candice Wyatt.

Tybee Island Mayor, Jason Buelterman, says there are two ambulance stations and one fire station on Tybee to respond to any emergency, but if someone needs to be rushed to the hospital, the Coast Guard is on standby. They can use their helicopter to fly on and off of the island.

Flooding is just one of the issues that tourists and residents face around here. We already know traffic can be a headache during the summer, especially if there is an accident. Considering all of these factors, the road conditions are not only becoming a safety hazard, but they are also starting to impact the local economy.

"There's a lot of businesses on Tybee that rely on people who live off the island to get to work and vice versa, and then you have a lot of people who can't come to the beach or won't come to the beach: Either A - can't come because traffic is tied up in the summer, or B - won't come because they think traffic is going to be tied up anyway," said Tybee Island Mayor, Jason Buelterman.

There are specific plans in the works to erase all of these issues.

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