Jeff Davis Co. veterans upset about monument theft

Jeff Davis Co. Veterans upset about monument theft

JEFF DAVIS CO., GA (WTOC) - You won't see spray paint or the traditional vandalism on the monument at the Jeff Davis Courthouse.

But what was done has the veterans who put it here plenty angry.

Someone stole the pistol and bayonet that hung on the statue's belt.

One of the veterans who helped dedicate the statue back in May noticed them missing and called the Sheriff's Office. Local veterans can't believe this could happen.

"It makes me angry because of what all we went through to get this here," said Roy Anderson, Jeff Davis County Veterans Association.

It took them six years to raise the money to pay for the monument and get it commissioned. It stands watch over the markers that recognize those who served and those who didn't return.

"This is sacred ground where we're standing. Behind me on the center wall are 32 names of 32 Jeff Davis County veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice and that's what this ground's for," said Anderson.

Early Tuesday morning, someone did find the pistol on the ground next to Tallahassee Street. Anderson hopes it can be reconnected to its owner.

With the pistol recovered, they're focused on finding the bayonet.

If you know anything about it, contact the veterans or the Sheriff's Office. If you have it, your safest move might be to just get in touch with the Sheriff's Office.

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