Tybee Island residents prepping in case of more flooding

Tybee Island residents prepping in case of more flooding

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Residents on Tybee Island were impacted by flooding caused by unusually high tides Tuesday morning.

How are they preparing for more that could potentially come?

WTOC was out talking to residents on the island all afternoon, and people can't believe how much water was on the roads Tuesday.

The waters have since receded in this neighborhood, but it was rushing down Lewis Avenue Tuesday morning.

Some of the homes even had some minor flooding as waters rose high enough to get under front doors.

Jill Ebrecht was one of several residents on Lewis Avenue that watched her street turn into a river Tuesday morning. And she spent the afternoon cleaning up the salt water that trickled into her living room.

"I was quick to put down towels and beach towels and all the towels I could come across. Just towels for days, and started ringing them out," said Ebrecht.

WTOC spoke with one gentleman who's lived on Tybee Island for 60 years, and he says this is the worst tidal flooding he's ever seen here.

"Well it was like a river flowing from the creek back to the street. My trash can started floating away, my gas cans from my boat were floating away. I was in thigh-deep water—well not thigh-deep, but calf-deep water in the street," said Larry Piper, Tybee Island resident. "This is by far the biggest tide I've seen on Tybee Island in my lifetime."

But while the tide was out Tuesday afternoon, folks on Lewis Avenue were already preparing for Wednesday.

Two local volunteers, as well as some Tybee firefighters, spent five hours filling more than 200 sandbags.

"Anytime anything bad happens like this on Tybee, the community comes together and helps one another out, and so we're just here trying to help people out," said Matt Few, volunteer.

"Even though neither one of us lives on this street, I live on the south end and he lives on mid-island. We saw what happened here on this street and said, 'let's see what we can do to prevent this and help out a little bit,'" said David Cahill, volunteer.

Neighbors on the street helped deliver many of those sandbags Tuesday afternoon. And they plan on passing out the rest to other parts of the island Wednesday.

The only school the island, Tybee Island Maritime Academy, is going to be closed Wednesday.

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